America's angel: That's what they called her! On Cory in the House at least. Disney Channel watchers first caught wind of the enigmatic force and talent that is Madison Pettis as a fan-favorite television show — That's So Raven — came to a bittersweet close. But with the end of one door, opened another, a spinoff series that followed Cory Baxter from Raven to the White House. The series was Cory in the House and Madison, 19, played Sophie Martinez, the President's daughter, in what is widely thought of as her breakout role.

Proving 2007 was the year of the inevitable Madison Pettis takeover, the young actress starred alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the Disney major motion picture The Game Plan. At the time, she also starred on a Disney Channel series — not to mention the network's first spinoff ever. All of this, of course, Madison accomplished before even turning 10.

madison pettis game plan set

A nine-year-old Madison on the set of The Game Plan in 2007.

Though many still associate Madison with her year-long stint alongside co-stars Kyle Massey and Jason Dolley — who was later cast in Good Luck Charlie — the truth is that Madison has been a prolific actor ever since Cory in the House and even well before it, too. From following in the footsteps of fellow Disney alums Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato by getting her start on Barney & Friends to guest starring on the longest-running drama of all time, we're taking a look at all of Madison's roles.

From the very beginning to present day, scroll down to check out what Madison has been up to ever since CITH ended and to learn more about her Barney days!

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