The situation with Meghan Rienks‘ hacked vlog channel has gotten worse, and she’s definitely not happy about it. On Thursday, March 12, the YouTuber uploaded a brand new video and gave subscribers and update on the status of her hacked second channel — and she claimed YouTube had been “lying” to her about not being able to recover her channel and all its content.

For those who missed it, on Monday, March 2, the 26-year-old uploaded a 45-minute video to her main channel and told fans that in October 2019, someone hacked both of her YouTube channels. After she recovered her main channel, the internet star explained that her secondary vlog channel — which used to be under the name Meghan Rienks — was now under a completely different name and featured makeup videos that were reposted from Instagram. At the time she messaged YouTube for help, but she only received repeated responses from the site saying that they will “circle back” with more details soon. After months of seemingly no reply, YouTube finally told Meghan that they had found no evidence of hacking on her vlog channel, even though it had been completely rebranded. They also sent her security tips to further protect her account.

Now, thanks to the help of fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson and model Gigi Hadid who reached out to YouTube on her behalf, Meghan explained in her new, hour-long video, that although she was finally able to get a representative from YouTube on the phone, they offered her little to no help. The influencer said that YouTube told her there were two options for her to get her channel back. Option one allowed the site to transfer her channel back, but without all her old content (which had been deleted by the hacker). The second was to delete her vlog channel completely and make a brand new one. Meghan said she didn’t want to do either as she just wanted her original channel back with all her old vlogs.

According to her phone call with YouTube, the representative explained that 30 days after videos were deleted from a YouTube channel, they were deleted off the internet completely. This is where Meghan claimed YouTube had been “lying.” A friend had sent Meghan a video another YouTuber posted recounting a similar hacking experience to hers. Meghan said that this YouTuber had gotten his channel AND videos transferred back to him after six months. After that, Meghan did some digging into Google — who owns YouTube — and their  “data retention policy” and it turned out, there was no 30 day rule at all. In fact, the only time frame she found within the policy said the deletion “process generally takes about two months,” which was different than she was told.

After she read this, Meghan sent an email to YouTube for clarification. She also expressed to them that she was frustrated because her Twitter followers were, as she said, “doing your jobs for you.” Throughout this entire process, Meghan’s followers had been tweeting YouTube and trying to assist her in getting her channel back. They even complied an entire list of all her vlogs that had been deleted.

Since she claims to have not received a response to her previous email, Meghan sent a follow up on March 6. YouTube apparently responded and told her that there was no update. Now, Meghan said she has plans to continue following up with them and hopes to get her story publicized so that her channel can be returned to her along with all the videos that had been deleted. As of March 12, YouTube has allegedly not respond to her claims.

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