According to Miley Cyrus, she wants to date someone who is “boring” after her recent split from Cody Simpson. Yep, the singer just opened up about what she’s looking for in a potential partner, and she said she wants someone who can “anchor” and “weigh” her down.

I usually end up complaining they’re boring, but that’s what I need. I need boring,” she explained, while chatting on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “I definitely, definitely need a calming, I need an anchor, I need a weight. It’s really important that I feel fulfilled and, yeah, they have to bring something to the table.”

“One of the things that’s important to me in a relationship, besides acts of service, [is] I like people taking care of themselves,” the former Disney actress continued. “I think the way someone treats himself is a reflection of the way that they’ll treat you. I’m, like, super into clean eating. I’m into people taking care of themselves. If clean eating and self-maintenance is going to be important, I know to look in communities where those people are going to gather. I now no longer look at any sort of AA meetings because I myself, I don’t really want to help someone on their journey of addiction, because I need to take care of my own self.”

As fans know, the “Wrecking Ball” songstress confirmed that she and the Australian musician had split after 10 months together during a recent Instagram Live.

Miley concluded, “You don’t — as someone that’s living a sober lifestyle‚ don’t go to the club looking for your next partner, you know? So put yourself in places where you’ll be successful so you don’t get stuck on, ‘I’m just always wasting my time with all these people.’ You can really control the kind of people who are going to flow in and out of your life, and you can create a filtration system. So I’ve filtered my life of what I will accept and what I will not.”

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