The world was pretty shocked when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced that they were getting a divorce last summer, after being together for almost 10 years. And now, the singer has opened up about what the super-public breakup was really like for her.

As fans know, just days after news hit the web that they had split, the Hannah Montana alum was spotted kissing Kaitlynn Carter. And a few weeks after that, she entered into a relationship with Cody Simpson. But according to the 27-year-old, she felt “villainized” for “moving on” so quickly.

“Obviously I went through an extremely public breakup and, even more than that, a divorce, and with someone that I had been with for 10 years. I felt kind of villainized. I also felt like I kind of shut down because it was kind of, respectfully, below me to engage with the press and the media at that time,” she explained while speaking on Zane Lowe‘s Apple Music podcast, adding that instead, she put her feelings into her music. “It felt like I would rather be able to articulate this experience in a poetic way that also I can put back into my art. I never really have engaged. I’ve only played with the public and the perception in that way.”

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth Relationship Timeline

The former Disney star also opened up about the experience while speaking on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, and she admitted that losing Liam felt “like a death.”

“I had a very public, very big breakup that was a 10-year span of a relationship. I tried not to get lost in the emotion… It’s like a death when you lose a loved one, it’s that deep. It feels like a death,” she revealed. “Honestly, sometimes [death] even feels easier because [with a breakup] the person is still walking on the earth.”

During the interview, Miley also said that she has been in love “three times,” but she didn’t name anyone specifically.

“I’ve been in love three times, but I’ve been in love more than I’ve loved anyone else one time,” the “Wrecking Ball” songstress admitted. “I think that kind of sticks around… I don’t believe in one true love because there are qualities people bring to your life that someone else won’t. I’ve been in love [with] one person, who is a girl, who I still think about and dream about all the time. But you just know that something doesn’t fit.”

During a recent interview with Sirius XM’s The Morning Mashup, the blonde beauty also got real about having kids and getting married.

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth Relationship Timeline

“I do not shame anyone that wants to have children. I just personally don’t believe that’s a priority for me in my life… For me I don’t just really think about marriage and things like this anymore,” she said. “That ‘forever,’ if it’s not successful or if you claimed something to be forever and you fail, then you’re a failure. And I just don’t think that. I think we’re kind of set up for devastation — in that, from the time we’re little kids, we’re taught to claim other humans as our best friends forever. And you just don’t know who you’re going to be sitting with here right now. You never know who you’re going to evolve to be and who they’re going to evolve to be. So I think that we, especially as women in relationships, a lot of the time we can get villainized when ‘forever’ doesn’t happen. And I think that you’re just really setting yourself up to kind of be disappointed — and not from a bitter or resentful way, but from a realistic and logical standpoint, especially in modern society.”

But what does the Hunger Games actor think of the situation? Well, according to Us Weekly, he has a “low opinion” of Miley.

“Liam kind of has a low opinion of Miley at this point,” a source told them. “He was really hurt by their split. They haven’t talked much since their divorce. Liam was hurt by Miley moving on with new love interests shortly after they broke up.”

“[He] has had the support of his family to help him move on,” the insider continued. “Liam has been trying to be as private as possible and respectful about their relationship and breakup, and it’s a shame to him and his family that certain aspects about his and Miley’s relationship have been made public. He’s a very traditional and good guy and was very hurt by the way specific instances played out in front of the world.”

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