From real-life friends to costars! Milo Manheim has nothing but amazing things to say about Thanksgiving costar Addison Rae! The Prom Pact star gushed over the TikTok-star-turned-actress, revealing that he “loves her so much,” while chatting exclusively with J-14.

“I actually just saw her this morning because I just flew [in] from Toronto. She’s great,” Milo, 21, told J-14 about Addison while attending the Prom Pact premiere on March 24. “I’ve known her for a long time and she just gets cuter and cuter.”

It was announced in early March that the ZOMBIES actor would be starring in Eli Roth’s upcoming horror film, Thanksgiving. At the time, the Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film is about “a slasher who comes to a small Massachusetts town with the intention of creating a Thanksgiving carving board out of the town’s inhabitants,” according to their sources. Previously, it was announced that Addison would star in the flick alongside Patrick Dempsey, Jalen Thomas Brooks and Nell Verlaque.

“There will be no leftovers,” Milo captioned his Instagram post, confirming the announcement. Addison, for her part, captioned her social media announcement, writing, “Let’s eat.”

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Filming kicked off shortly following the casting announcements. However, plot and character details are still under wraps for the time being.

Milo’s Thanksgiving role comes amid the actor’s major year. Not only was he cast in the horror film, but he also starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Prom Pact and Paramount+ series School Spirits. When it comes to his role as the dead football player, the Los Angeles native gushed over his role.

“Wally is probably the coolest character I’ve ever played,” he told J-14 exclusively ahead of the School Spirits premiere. “He doesn’t take life or death too seriously. He’s like a puppy dog. And it was very easy to play him and I was super excited to go into work every day because he’s just such a happy guy.”

Milo also poked fun at the fact that, this is not the first time he’s played a football player from the afterlife.

“I don’t know why this is the career path that the industry has chosen for me, but I play dead football players and I don’t know what that means,” he explained. “I have a really good time playing them. They’ve definitely been the most fun roles I’ve ever had. So I’m not complaining. I have no idea. Maybe I just give off a goofy vibe and I look like I could play football. I don’t look like I could play football though. I don’t get it. It’s just chance. It’s just a crazy coincidence.”

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