After fans accused her of copying Madison Beer‘s “Selifsh” music video for a recent Instagram post, Nessa Barrett clapped back at the haters and set the record straight. Yep, according to screenshots posted on the TikTok Room Instagram account, the TikTok star commented on her own social media snapshot and left a general message to followers, telling them that she’s “not copying anyone.”

“Madison Beer vibes,” one fan commented on her photo. Another added, “You’re really trying to copy Madison Beer, huh?”

“Hi! Rain has been used so many times before not just by one person,” Nessa commented back. “No, I’m not copying anyone. It’s a total different vibe. Please stop comparing me. I’m myself and only myself.”

The 17-year-old also took to her Instagram Stories and posted a similar message.

“Hi babes! [Please] stop comparing me to other people,” she wrote in the since-expired snap. “I’m myself and will also be myself.”

For those who missed it, the hate from fans came just days after Nessa announced that she was releasing a brand new song called “Pain” on Thursday, July 30. That’s right, the influencer has been teasing fans with some new music for a while now, and it’s finally here! So, prepare yourselves, because this brunette beauty is about to take over the music industry.

As fans know, Nessa’s foray into singing and songwriting came a little over a month after she and ex-boyfriend Josh Richards revealed that that they broke up in a seriously emotional YouTube video. At the time, the influencers explained that they needed to “mature” and “grow as people” before being in such a serious relationship. As for why they decided to give fans such an in-depth look at their breakup, well, Josh explained it was because the last thing he wanted was “lies or rumors being spread” about the split. After their breakup video hit the internet, Nessa spoke to People Magazine about their decision to split.

“Josh and I are both very saddened by the breakup, but we’ll always be there to support each other in our personal endeavors and wish nothing but love and joy for one another,” she told the publication.

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