It’s the end of an era! Netflix’s hit series 13 Reasons Why has officially finished filming its fourth and final season. It looks like fans aren’t the only ones shedding tears over the bittersweet end of this groundbreaking series. Cast members such as Ross Butler, Dylan Minnette, Brandon Flynn, Christian Navarro, Timothy Granaderos Jr., Devin Druid and RJ Brown have all taken to social media and posted heartfelt tributes to the show and characters that changed their lives. Aside from their super emotional posts, some stars even teased what fans can expect in season four!

As fans know, the streaming service released the series’ third season in August 2019, which followed the mystery behind who killed Bryce Walker. Now that the killer has been unmasked, some fans are wondering what this final season might be about. In typical 13 Reasons Why fashion, the season three finale concluded with some major questions unanswered. It’s safe to assume that the fourth season will surround the truth about who killed Bryce and — spoiler alert — Montgomery De La Cruz, but the plot won’t be confirmed until Netflix drops an official trailer.

No matter what the final season is about, there’s no doubt that it’ll totally cause some major tears for fans who have been around since season one. Scroll through our gallery to check out the cast’s emotional farewell posts to 13 Reasons Why.

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