You guys might want to brace yourselves because one of our favorite Riverdale stars may be joining the cast of 13 Reasons Why. Yep, fans are convinced that Hart Denton, who we all know plays Chic in the CW series, is making an appearance in the third season of the Netflix show. Why? Well, they spotted his name on 13RW‘s IMDB page. OMG. This is seriously the best news ever.

OK, so let us explain. Now, Hart himself is actually not listed as an actor on the 13RW IMDB page. But get this, you guys — another actor named Dalton Rondell is listed as Hart’s stunt double for two episodes of the third season, leading fans to believe that the 26-year-old cutie will indeed make a cameo.

13 Reasons Why IMDB

Oh, and did we mention that Hart follows pretty much all of the 13RW cast on social media? And they all follow him too! Coincidence? We think not. Yeah, there are definitely a ton of clues that he’s joining the Netflix series, but unfortunately, we can’t say for sure until he or the show officially announces something.

So if Hart does appear on the show, will he be playing someone evil like Chic or will his character be completely different? It’s hard to say for sure, but judging by the fact that he needs a stunt double, we can assume that he’ll probably be in the midst of some sort of trouble. Stunt doubles for Dylan Minnette and Brandon Flynn are also listed, so it appears that something pretty intense is going to go down in the episode.

Riverdale and 13RW are two of our favorite shows, so if this were to happen it would seriously be a dream come true. And as fans know, the two shows actually have another cast member in common. Ross Butler, who plays Zach in 13RW, actually appeared in six episodes of Riverdale back in Season 1. He played Reggie (Charles Melton later took over the role), before ultimately leaving the series to star in 13RW instead.

We seriously hope this ends up being legit!

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