Setting the record straight! Niall Horan just slammed speculation that One Direction‘s management team, Modest Management, treated him badly during his time in the band, and fans are pretty shook over his response.

On Thursday, May 7, some old clips of the singer performing with his bandmates started to circulate online. And when some fans claimed that the 26-year-old was crying in them and that the group’s former management team had turned off his mic on purpose, Niall quickly shut the rumors down.

“I’m not even crying,” he replied to the video, which was accompanied by a previous tweet from 2015, where the singer claimed that the water on his face was “sweat” rather than tears.

“Turning off mics? Ya joking? Hahaha. The stuff I read on here hahaha,” he added in another tweet. “Ever hear of a technical issue?”

“Really though, you wouldn’t still be with Modest if they treated you ‘badly,'” one fan replied to the “Slow Hands” crooner, to which he answered, “Exactly.”

When another Twitter user asked the pop star if he “loved roasting people,” he explained, “I just don’t understand how people can say what they want about me online (a person they don’t know) and then when I come back at it I’m the p***k. I’m not roasting anyone.”

In the end, he told fans “he gives up,” after they started to send some more clips and photos of him allegedly crying while on stage with Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne.

For those who missed it, Niall’s tweets come just days after he left his fans concerned for his health after he posted a very worrisome tweet.

“Sorry [I’ve] been quiet guys, haven’t been feeling very well last few days,” he wrote. “I’ll be back soon.”

He also apologized for skipping out on his Graham Norton interview, explaining that he was too sick to attend.

“Sorry I couldn’t make an appearance on @grahnort guys. The show is shot during the week and I was too ill to get involved,” he added. “If Graham will have me back, I’ll get on again soon.”

Feel better, Niall!

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