Get ready because the trailer for Nickelodeon’s upcoming Are You Afraid of the Dark reboot is finally here! Yep, the network just shared a sneak peek of the new series, and boy, does it look like it’s going to be good. Make sure to check out the trailer above!

As fans know, the original show premiered in back October 1990 and ended nearly 10 years later, in June 2000. It followed a group of kids called the Midnight Society, who told scary stories around a campfire. The OG series starred Ross Hull, Raine Pare-Coull, Jodie Resther, Jason Alisharan, Daniel DeSanto, JoAnna Garcia, Rachel Blanchard, Nathaniel Moreau, Codie Wilbee, Jacob Tierney and more! It was truly an iconic show, and there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t miss it, TBH.

But now, there’s a whole new Midnight Society! The new group is made up of Gavin, played by Sam Ashe Arnold, Akiko, played by Miya Cech, Louise, played by Tamara Smart, Graham, played by Jeremy Taylor and Rachel, played by Lyliana Wray. The three-part series will focus on one story, called the Carnival of Doom. But as Rachel tells the terrifying tale, the group of friends start to realize that her shocking story is coming to life. With murderous clowns and paranormal activity, it looks like the group of friends are in for a horrifying ride! Wow, how scary does that sound?

So when does the new show premiere, you ask? Well, you guys might want to mark your calendars because Nickelodeon also revealed the release date for the highly anticipated show. Get this — it will have three parts and each one will be one hour long. They’ll air on October 11, October 18 and October 25 at 7:00 P.M. (EST/PST). OMG. That means we’re just a few weeks away now, and we seriously can’t wait!

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