Some people are worried about YouTuber Nikocado Avocado. In a series of seven videos posted in five-day span, the internet star — whose real name is Nicholas Perry — has claimed his “life is over.” As fans know, Nikocado found himself in the midst of a public feud with fellow YouTube stars Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi that took YouTube’s mukbang community by storm. In December 2019, Stephanie claimed that Nikocado had manipulated, bullied and invaded her privacy during a visit to her home.

One month later, on January 21, 2020, fans started to worry about Nikocado’s mental health after he uploaded a video to his channel called “nobody likes me anymore, i’m going to quit.” The YouTuber claimed that he was quitting his mukbang channel because all of his subscribers had turned on him.

In the following days, Nikocado uploaded six more videos. He told followers that his “life is over” and revealed that his husband, Orlin Home, had left him. A 30-minute video called “Orlin left me, I hate myself, Goodbye YouTube and life,” uploaded on Sunday, January 26, featured Nikocado sobbing as he told fans that he “doesn’t deserve to live” after Orlin left him. The YouTuber also claimed that his subscribers haven’t shown him one “piece of compassion” as he’s going through this hard time.

In a separate video, titled “We Broke Up,” Nikocado blamed internet trolls for his breakup with Orlin.

“All of your comments over the last month are seeping into his head and he is questioning us as a couple,” he said crying. “And it’s all because of YouTube.”

The drama didn’t end there. On Tuesday, January 28, Nikocado posted another video. This time he claimed that vlogger David Dobrik had stolen opportunities from him in the past. He also said that his “breakdown” is a direct result of his feud with Stephanie, Zach, and haters on the internet.

On Wednesday, January 29, Nikocado posted his final video and said “goodbye” to YouTube.

Many viewers have speculated that his videos are a “stunt” to get him more views and subscribers. Others have noticed that no tears came out of his eyes even though he appeared to be sobbing. Some commenters have called Nikocado out for being “manipulative” and “toxic” to YouTube and slammed him for mocking mental health issues.

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