The new year may have just started, but 2020 has already brought some major internet drama. YouTube star Stephanie Soo just fired back against fellow YouTuber Nikocado Avocado for the final time after he previously defended himself against her claims of manipulation, bullying and invading her privacy during a visit to her home.

“In Stephanie’s video she said that she had gone to the bathroom…and when she came back, she had checked the security footage to see that I was taking photos of her house without her knowledge and therefore it made her question her safety…and that’s a lie,” Nikocado said in his response video called “re: Stephanie Soo” uploaded on December 30, 2019. “Stephanie, you painted the stage for your viewers that you had no idea I was taking photos and that was the reason you’re questioning their safety. That’s the only thing you supposedly had on me.”

For those who missed it, this all started on December 21, 2019, when Stephanie uploaded a video to her channel titled, “Why I Am Scared Of Nikocado Avocado.” In the 47-minute video, she told viewers that aside from allegedly taking photos throughout her home, Nikocado also pressed Stephanie to talk about her drama with YouTuber Veronica Wang, who she previously had a falling out with.

In his response video, Nikocado defended himself against all these claims. He showed viewers an image that he took inside Stephanie’s kitchen with her in it and said she knew he was snapping pictures throughout their house tour. Nikocado also claimed that Stephanie had lied to her subscribers. He claimed that she actually wanted to address the situation with Veronica during their mukbang collaboration. He also admitted that he never really liked Stephanie in the first place and called her “self-serving.”

On Wednesday, January 1, a few days after Nikocado’s response video, Stephanie uploaded her final thoughts on the matter. In a video called “How Nikocado Manipulated All Of Us,” she broke down his video and told viewers he was lying throughout the entire 90 minutes. Stephanie revealed that she has plans to release security footage of Nickocado visiting her home (once she receives his consent). She also posted text conversations between the two. She claimed that she never gave direct permission to discuss Veronica during their collaboration and even posted video clips of Nikocado saying he love Stephanie, which contradicted his claims of never liking her.

“I am no longer scared of you,” Stephanie said directly to the camera, seemingly ending the drama. “Because all you do is twist things and lie. I think it’s starting to show… I am moving on in my life.”

Nikocado has yet to respond to Stephanie’s most recent video.

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