Sorry, Centinators! … Centaurs! … Centipedes? It looks like your boy, Noah Centineo, might be off the market, and you’ll seriously never guess who his rumored GF is! According to some fans on Twitter, the actor might be dating the one and only Alexis Ren, and even we have to admit that the evidence is pretty convincing.

For starters, remember that pic the social media star posted on Instagram on Friday, April 26? The one of her holding her teddy bear on an airplane? Well, the caption includes a major hint that she’s visiting someone special, which is the first clue she’s probably dating someone new.

“We’re currently going to see someone we’ve been missing and we’re very excited,” she wrote.

We know, we know — she could seriously be talking about anyone. However, fans spotted the two together in Vancouver, Canada, which is where the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before actor is filming the sequel. Coincidence? We think not! Of course, this leads us to believe she was jetting off to spend some quality time with the 22-year-old, and yeah, we’re just as shook as you are.

As far as we can tell from a simple search on social media, some fans were lucky enough to spot the two out and about. One fan spotted them on street and posted this adorable photo with The Perfect Date actor on Instagram.

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El viaje perfecto ❤️🤩 @ncentineo

A post shared by Maria Alejandra ❥ (@m.mara27) on

But wait, there’s more! That same fan then posted this pic with Alexis to her Instagram Stories, proving that they were, in fact, together.

Alexis Ren, Noah Centineo

Another fan also snapped some cute photos with the rumored couple in a café called Medina, located in Downtown Vancouver, and we’re seriously freaking out.

Noah Centineo, Alexis Ren

Um, are those pics not the cutest?

And while it’s unclear just how long they’ve been hanging out (you know, since Alexis was just spotted holding hands with Milo Manheim at Coachella), fans have been freaking out over these sightings ever since the photo evidence hit the web.

“Accidentally logged on because i forgot i’m not getting on twitter until i see endgame but alexis and noah being confirmed IMJFHKSHFKS,” one person tweeted. Uh, same.

“holy guac noah and alexis are dating i cant process,” another fan wrote.

We can’t process it either, TBH. And as heartbroken as we may be over the fact that the IRL Peter Kavinsky might be taken, the proof is all right there. Looks like we’re just going to have to take the L on this, you guys!

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