Before Noah Centineo stole hearts everywhere thanks to his leading roles in the Netflix movies, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, he was known for being a Disney Channel star. And his first big role was on Austin & Ally as the one and only Dallas, Ally’s crush who worked at Cell Phone Accessory Cart.

HOW CUTE. The 22-year-old actor then went on to reunite with his former on-screen love Laura Marano in their upcoming movie, The Stand-In in 2018, before the release of his Netflix movies that catapulted him into the spotlight. Naturally, Laura is so happy to see her former co-star totally thriving.

“He was my first love interest on Austin & Ally and he’s just as lovely as ever. It’s crazy how much he’s blown up, it’s actually insane,” Laura dished to PEOPLE Now.

She then, of course, just had to share a tidbit about Noah that legit will make your heart swell.

“He’s the sweetest guy ever. It was my sweet 16 on Austin & Ally and I didn’t know Noah that well, but he found out my birthday was the next day. That night, he and his mother went to Macy’s to buy me a necklace and [he] gave it to me the next day. It was so sweet.”

OK, now how precious is that?! Seriously, Noah has always been a total gem, even all those years ago. But this story gets even better, as the 22-year-old “Me” songstress went on to say how when she brought this up to Noah while they were filming their upcoming movie, he legit had no recollection of ever giving her this gift.

“I bring this up to him as we’re filming The Stand-In, and I’m like, ‘That was so sweet of you’ and he’s like ‘Uh huh, umm,'” Laura explained, reenacting Noah’s confused expression he gave her. So while he may not remember this moment, it was one that forever stuck out to Laura and that’s honestly just precious.

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