Everyone wants a piece of One Piece — and of the cast! After Netflix’s live-action adaptation dropped in August 2023, fans can’t get enough of the characters and the actors playing them. Keep reading to see if any of the cast members are single or taken.

One Piece premiered on Netflix on August 31, 2023, and follows the character of Monkey D. Tuffy, a flexible young boy who sets out to become the “King of The Pirates” by assembling his Straw Hat crew in order to find the legendary One Piece treasure.

“I love the manga, I love the anime, and I know you will love the live-action too,” Iñaki Godoy, who plays Monkey D. Tuffy, told Collider in June 2023. “I am super excited about this project. We put our heart and soul into it, and you know, I hope that you are entertained, but beyond that, I hope that if you see our show, you decide to also go chase your dreams.

The rest of Luffy’s Straw Hat crew include Mackenyu as three-sword swordsman Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as red-haired navigator Nami, Taz Skylar plays the womanizing chef Vinsmoke Sanji and Jacob Romero Gibson is the slingshot wielder Usopp.

Viewer save become obsessed with the cast and how perfectly they portray their characters — the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, is included!

“As a Hollywood production, the action and VFX are great, not to mention the performances by the cast,” Oda said in an Instagram post prior to the show’s premiere. “But above all, I want to call attention to how perfect the Straw Hat cast are. It’s like you’re watching the Straw Hats in real life, which I’d love for you to savor.”

one piece

While talking with Decider in June 2023, Iñaki explained one of the biggest challenges he faced while portraying the iconic One Piece main character was “adapting something that is huge,” referencing to the show’s huge fanbase.

“How can I translate this rubber-man into live action? In those cases, I really used the anime and manga for reference and I literally tried to replicate the way this guy [Luffy] fights,” he explained. “I can see how this guy fights. Why wouldn’t I use that as a reference? When he throws a punch and he takes it back, he puts his hand on his bicep or his shoulder. So, if he does that, I should do that too, right? And when he’s about to throw a punch, sometimes he lifts up his leg. I just tried to look for those little details in the original product.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover if any members of the One Piece Netflix cast are in relationships or not!

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