All we want is one thing — season 2 of One Piece! The Netflix adaptation of the legendary anime series might just be one of the streaming platform’s biggest hits so far, and even has fans of the OG manga impressed! So, can we expect more of the Straw Hat crew adventures in a possible second season? Keep reading for everything we know.

Will There Be a ‘One Piece’ Season 2?

Netflix confirmed in September 2023 that season 2 of One Piece is officially on the way! The exciting announcement came just one month after the show premiered in August 2023.

ICYMI, One Piece follows Monkey D. Tuffy, a flexible young boy who sets out to become the “King of The Pirates” by assembling his Straw Hat crew in order to find the legendary One Piece treasure.

“I love the manga, I love the anime, and I know you will love the live-action too,” Iñaki Godoy, who plays Monkey D. Tuffy, told Collider in June 2023. “I am super excited about this project. We put our heart and soul into it, and you know, I hope that you are entertained, but beyond that, I hope that if you see our show, you decide to also go chase your dreams.

Iñaki played Monkey D. Tuffy, with Mackenyu as three-sword swordsman Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as navigator Nami, Taz Skylar as womanizing chef Vinsmoke Sanji and Jacob Romero Gibson as slingshot wielder Usopp.

What Has the ‘One Piece’ Cast, Creator Said On Season 2?

Let’s make this clear — everyone that worked on season 1 of One Piece is dying to return for a second season, the creator of the anime, Eiichiro Oda, included!

“As a Hollywood production, the action and VFX are great, not to mention the performances by the cast,” Oda said in an Instagram post prior to the show’s premiere. “But above all, I want to call attention to how perfect the Straw Hat cast are. It’s like you’re watching the Straw Hats in real life, which I’d love for you to savor.”

Emily, who plays Nami, spoke about how long she’d like the live-action series to go on during an interview with Collider from August 2023.

“I’d like it to go for exactly as long as it takes to feel like it’s come to an ending that all of us are happy — and by us, I mean the greater “us” of us five and every single person involved,” Emily explained. “I want everybody to be proud of where we end up ending. I don’t want it to end short, and I don’t want it to run long. That’s my ideal.

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