She’s killing it! Reneé Rapp may be known for her role as Leighton on HBO Max’s Sex Lives of College Girls, but she’s also making a major name for herself in the music department.

Before becoming Hollywood’s brightest budding star, the North Carolina native, 23, was actually on Broadway — playing Regina George in Mean Girls, which she’s now reprising for the screen. But, things started to change for the actress after she nabbed an HBO role.

“I auditioned for College Girls in the middle of the pandemic when nothing was going on. I really wanted to do music, and my agents were telling me to try TV,” Reneé recalled to Elite Daily in December 2022. “I was like, ‘OK, cool.’ I thought that any job that I do will get me some sort of a platform so that I can hopefully do music. Mean Girls was my first big job. It’s such a big part of my career and something that I love so much. I always thought it would be so cool to do a movie. So then when they asked me, I was like, ‘ F–k yeah.'”

Keep reading for everything to know about Reneé, including music details, roles and more. 

Does Reneé Rapp Sing?

Other than her acting career, Reneé is a singer. She dropped her first-ever EP, Everything to Everyone, in November 2022.

“All of these songs come from a very specific era where I was no longer living in service to somebody else,” she explained to Glamour following the release. “I’m no longer dumbing myself down to make my existence more palatable to others.”

Her debut single “Tattoos” was a hit, followed up by “In the Kitchen,” which was inspired by a past relationship.

“It was very hard to write in a very cathartic way,” Reneé added. “I love a comeback. No matter how hard someone hits me upside the head, I am coming back ten times stronger. I’m so f–king stubborn and competitive. So I got out of a relationship and I was like ‘mother f–ker, you think you’re gonna beat me?’”

Reneé Rapp’s Acting Roles

On Sex Lives of College Girls, she plays Leighton, a college-aged woman grappling with her sexuality.

“It’s obviously a big part of who she is, but a big part of how you see her character grow and it was also such an important part of her existence and how she interacts with others,” Reneé told Deadline in December 2022 about her character’s second season storyline.

Amid her role as Leighton, it was announced that the songstress would be bringing her past Broadway role of Regina George to the big screen!

That’s not all Reneé has going on. Scroll through our gallery for everything you need to know about the actress. 

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