2021 is Ricky Garcia‘s year! The 22-year-old former boybander is making a name for himself in Hollywood with the recently released Netflix movie Finding Ohana and a new era of music on the way.

“I’m constantly grinding. I’m constantly making music,” Ricky told J-14 exclusively about how he’s continuing to further his career. “I’m not wasting any time. I’m taking the taking advantage of every second that I have. I put in so much hard work into what I’m doing right now.”

The actor is well known for his past roles in Best Friends Whenever and Alexa & Kateamong others. Now, he’s taking his acting skills to a new level with his “dream” role as an “earnest adventurer” and artistic pirate named Monks in Finding Ohana.

“Fans can expect a feel-good family film that everyone can watch. It centers on a brother and sister who find themselves in this epic adventure to seek lost treasure,” Ricky gushed about the Netflix original, noting that his character is “funny,” has a lot of “heart and soul” and is not your “average pirate.”

“He is me. I am Monks,” Ricky joked, explaining how much he related to the character. “It was something that I will hold with me forever, for sure.”

Ricky Garcia Exclusive

Aside from acting, the heartthrob is also known for his music. Before kicking off a solo career, he was a member of the group Forever in Your Mind — which has no reunion planned at the moment, but Ricky told us “never say never.”

On February 19, fans will get a taste of Ricky’s new era of music with the release of his song “All I Want to Do.” The singer teased the track explaining that it’s all about wanting to “do everything with this person that I love.”

Not only is Ricky responsible for the vocals on his new songs, but he’s working hard to produce his own music too. “I’m learning so much every day when I’m making my own music,” he said.

Ricky Garcia Exclusive
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“I think I’ve evolved in such a way that people can definitely hear where the inspiration comes from,” Ricky gushed about what’s to come. “It’s coming from an honest and open place. People definitely can expect my heart and soul put into this music.”

What else does Ricky have on the horizon work-wise? A “futuristic” music video for “All I Want to Do” is on the way, and he’s also in the midst of starting a charity “to give back and allow other people to experience the act of giving more.”

“I’m in a whole new phase of my life,” he told J-14. Get ready 2021, because Ricky Garcia is coming!

Pre-save “All I Want to Do” here, and watch Finding Ohana now on Netflix.

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