Meet everyone’s favorite babysitter, Gabi! The Rugrats revival on Paramount+ is gearing up to release a ton of new episodes, one of which includes guest star Raini Rodriguez. The Austin and Ally alum, 28, is set to appear as Gabi — “an enthusiastic burst of energy” — in two episodes of the animated series’ reboot, and J-14 has an exclusive first look.

“She’s 14, bilingual and she is adored by the babies, especially Angelica who sees her as her favorite babysitter ever!” the actress gushes to J-14 exclusively. “It is a literal childhood dream come true to voice a character on Rugrats! I grew up watching this show in the ’90s and it’s so surreal to still see my name in the credits today. When I did my first recording and I got to interact with Angelica, I was freaking out on the inside. I couldn’t help but take a moment and share with the producers how crazy this was for me! I just kept repeating how cool this was and thanked them, like, every 10 minutes for hiring me.”

In the episodes, titled “Great Minds Think Alike” and “Betty and the Beast,” viewers are introduced to Betty’s niece and Phil and Lil’s cousin, Gabi, who “loves helping out whenever she can.”

“She’ll pop in to help at Betty’s Beans, or you can find her at the park reading to the preschoolers for the Reading Rangers program,” Raini tells J-14. “She’s very sweet and fun, so she works well with both the kids and adults!”

In our exclusive clip, fans get a first look at Gabi as she reads to Angelica and some other kids in the park. Through her story, Gabi fascinates Angelica and her peers by teaching them about the powers of moving things with their minds. Before the video comes to an end, the babysitter promises to finish her story the next time they all get together.

“I have a couple of favorite things about Gabi!” Raini shares ahead of her character’s debut. “I love that she speaks both English and Spanish, and I love her relationship with Angelica. Gabi is so great about seeing you for who you are and even though we all know how sassy Angelica can be sometimes, Gabi still treats her with love and respect, even though she’s a preschooler!”

Raini’s episodes will be among eight new installments of the Rugrats series premiering via Paramount+ beginning Thursday, October 7. 

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