Sabrina Carpenter stans have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the “Almost Love” songstress to announce the release date for her upcoming album, Singular. And now, the wait is finally over. The 19-year-old singer performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night, and at the very end she revealed that her third studio album will be coming out next month. Yep, that’s right! Her new tunes will bless our ears on Nov. 9, 2018, to be exact.

sabrina carpenter


Before Sab’s appearance on The Late Late Show, she warned fans that the performance was going to be a mess – and thanks to a whole lot of paint, it really was! Dressed in all white, Sabrina performed on a museum-inspired set, where a full on paint party ensued. So yeah, we could see why she notified us it would get messy.

With pink paint smeared all over the walls (and Sab herself), the singer then ripped open a corned of wallpaper during the second chorus – revealing a photo of herself, which very well could be her album art. See for youself in the video below!

Earlier this week, Sabrina tweeted a single paint emoji – teasing her performance.

Sabrina also hinted at fans that the album announcement was coming soon, as she told a fan to “watch & listen,” when they were asking about when her album release date would be announced.

November can’t come soon enough! If her past two albums, Eyes Wide Open and Evolution, are any indication – we know this one is going to be straight fire too.

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