Get ready, you guys, because we are just weeks away from the brand new Netflix movie, The Sleepover! Yep, the flick is set to hit screens on August 21, 2020, and we can’t wait!

In honor of the premiere, the star of the film, Sadie Stanley just spilled all the tea on what fans can expect, and boy, does it sound like it’s going to be good. She also shared some pretty epic behind-the-scenes stories and on set secrets! Ugh, can it be August 21 already?!

J-14: What is The Sleepover about?

Sadie Stanley: I’m so excited! The movie is about how my brother and I discovered, with our two best friends, that my mother had an entirely different (and secret) life before us. Some people from her past track her down and essentially kidnap both her and my dad to do one last job. The four kids end up going on an insane scavenger hunt/adventure in hopes of getting our parents back, while they go on an adventure of their own.

J-14: Why’s the movie called The Sleepover?

Sadie: The entire movie takes place within one day/night. It’s called The Sleepover because what starts as an innocent, stereotypical teenage sleepover turns into a night they will never forget.

J-14: How would you describe your character and are you anything like her in real life?

Sadie: Clancy is a lot tougher than she first comes off. She’s incredibly smart and talented, and a phenomenal cellist. However, she’s a shy high school girl and she struggles to believe in herself and to have enough confidence to be completely herself. I was a lot like her when I was in high school. I had these passions I wanted to pursue but it took awhile before I had the confidence to believe in myself enough and to stop caring what other people thought. We see her go through a really great arc in the movie. She starts to realize how strong and brave she really is.

J-14: Your character’s parents aren’t normal parents. What can you tell us about them?

Sadie: My characters parents are definitely not “normal.” We find out early on in the movie that my mother was apart of a crime syndicate when she was younger and was forced into the Witness Protection Program. She has an entire hidden life and identity that we had no idea about. As far as my father goes, Ron is a pastry chef and a great dad… but I definitely wouldn’t call him “normal.”

J-14: How would you describe Joe Manganiello’s character?

Sadie: Joe’s character, Leo, is full of mystery. He was very important to my mom a long time ago so when he reenters her life it definitely shakes things up.

J-14: Did you guys get to do your own stunts and did you have any stunt training?

Sadie: Yeah, we got to do a few stunts here and there! The adults of the movie, especially Malin Åkerman (Margot), had the brunt of the stunts/fight sequences! She had tons of training from her other projects and it was awesome watching her do her thing. I went through extensive training for my role as Kim Possible which helped a lot with any physical aspects of my role! I always love doing my own stunts.

J-14: If you were in Clancy’s shoes, do you think you would had reacted and been as brave as her in real life? If you found yourself in her situation, what would you had done?

Sadie: Look, if I’m being totally honest I probably would have left it to the police to handle! Then again, if my mom was leaving me clues I think I would be tempted to follow them and try to figure it out myself! Especially with my best friend!

J-14: What sorts of craziness will we see you and your onscreen brother do on the mission to save their parents?

Sadie: So much breaking and entering, some creepy tunnels, and lots of pretending to be someone we’re not to get where we need to go.

J-14: What was of your favorite scenes to shoot and why?

Sadie: My favorite scenes took place at the Gala! The four kids follow the clues to the event where my mom, dad, and Leo are trying to steal a crown. I loved filming in that location because it was such a beautiful venue and all the extras were wearing beautiful gowns and suits which were fun to look at. Also, I got to do some fun stunts.

J-14: What kinds of activities did you and the cast do to bond when you weren’t shooting?

Sadie: We filmed the movie in Boston, which is such a beautiful and interesting city. A lot of our off time was spent going to dinner together and exploring the streets of Boston! We bonded a lot while actually working as well. Always laughing and messing with each other in between takes. We all became great friends by the end of filming and they were a blast to work with.

J-14: Do you think your role as Kim Possible helped you for this film at all? How so?

Sadie: Absolutely! I think every project I do allows me to grow and change in some way. Every role I play prepares me for the next because I continue to learn more about myself, my job, and filmmaking in general. I also was lucky to have some stunt training under my belt from KP. It definitely came in handy when we filmed certain scenes.

J-14: If there was a sequel to the movie, what would you like it to be about and who’s another celebrity you’d love to have join your cast?

Sadie: I would love to film a sequel! There’s definitely so much room to continue the story because of the way the movie ends. I’d love to see Clancy studying at the Berkeley Summer Music Program! I don’t think that Margot’s past is really in the past anymore so maybe some more people from her crime days will come back and take our family on another adventure. There are so many actors I’d absolutely love to work with in my career! Some actors that inspire me are Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, James McAvoy, Saoirse Ronan, Zendaya and so many more.

J-14: Seeing how this is going to be on Netflix, what’s a Netflix show you would love to guest star on and what kind of character would you like to play?

Sadie: I actually got the opportunity to guest star on Netflix’s Dead To Me Season 2! I was such a huge fan of the first season and watched it all in a few days. When I got the audition for it I was so excited!! Getting to work with the Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini and everyone in the cast and crew was such a dream.

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