We’re headed back to Narnia! It’s been more than 15 years since the Chronicles of Narnia film series first premiered in November 2005, and the cast is all grown up.

The fantasy movies — based on the book series of the same name by C.S. Lewis — followed the four Pevensie children and their various journeys throughout the magical world of Narnia. While there were a total of three movies in the film series, the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe started it all. It starred Georgie Henley (Lucy Pevensie), William Moseley (Peter Pevensie), Anna Popplewell (Susan Pevensie), Skandar Keynes (Edmund Pevensie), James McAvoy (Mr. Tumnus) and Tilda Swinton (White Witch), among others.

When the children are taken to the home of Professor Kirke, they find a passageway into the magical land of Narnia through the back of a wardrobe. Lucy, who enters through the wardrobe first, and makes friends with a faun named Mr. Tumnus who introduces her into the new world. Mr. Tumnus tells her about the evil White Witch who cursed Narnia to make it winter all the time. Once Lucy returns back home, her siblings don’t believe her until they eventually enter Narnia themselves. With the help of the lion Aslan, the children battle against the White Witch and become kings and queens of Narnia.

When the final flick premiered in December 2010, Skandar opened up about the major differences throughout making all three movies.

“The second film was also a big change,” he told CinemaBlend at the time. “Each time, what effects our experience making these films are where we were and who we were with and in that respect, each film was drastically different. A lot of the crew were actually similar throughout the three films and even though you’ve got the different director and different cast, there were the crew that worked on all three films and appreciated them.”

Following his film career, the actor didn’t continue making movies. “I’m actually going to university now,” he told the website. “I’m studying Arabic and Islamic history.”

When discussing his path of study, the former star explained, “It’s what I’m really interested in and I’m really enjoying it and I really want to get my degree. I’m feeling happy right now, and I’ll see what happens.”

Skandar isn’t the only star that made major moves since his Chronicles of Narnia days. Click through our gallery to see what these stars have been up to since the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe premiered. 

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