YouTuber Shane Dawson has no time for the haters. On Friday, March 6, the internet star addressed recent comments about his weight gain in a new video. The 31-year-old slammed social media trolls for attacking the way he looks.

“Listen, my only response is going to be, ‘F**k you.’ People who make fun of people’s weight or attack people’s weight, literally f**k you. You’re going to die soon, I know it, I can feel it, I’m a psychic,” he told viewers in the 30-minute vlog.

Shane went on to explain that contrary to what people believe, he works out “a lot.” For those who missed it, on February 19, 2020, the influencer revealed that he hadn’t been uploading videos because of the negative comment about his weight that he received online. He explained to his 9.7 million Twitter followers that hate is the one major factor pushing him away from posting more frequently on YouTube.

“Hey Shane why don’t you post more? Why don’t you upload more? Well… this,” he tweeted at the time, alongside a screenshot of a comment that read, “You would think after 13 years on YouTube comments wouldn’t get to me but d**n… they still feel like the very first time.”

Shane Dawson Says Hate Comments About His Weight Are The Reason He Doesn't Upload YouTube Videos An

Now, he opened up to his subscribers about the real reason that he posted the tweet in the first place.

“I wasn’t going to address the fat comment thing because I was having a bad day, I was feeling sensitive, I shouldn’t have tweeted about it. I shouldn’t have even brought it up, but I do think maybe there’s a good lesson,” Shane said. “A, don’t let things people say about you on the internet bother you, they will, but try not to let them bother you, and B, whatever people are saying about you is just a projection of how they feel about themselves, or they just want attention. And I did the wrong thing by feeding into it – pun intended!”

The vlogger said that, going forward, he will not be talking about or “making jokes” about his weight anymore. Shane said he felt like he owed an explanation to fans because they have watched his weight-loss and working out journey in various videos throughout the years.

“I don’t want you to to think I just threw away, because I definitely didn’t. And I definitely have been working out a lot and I hate it,” he concluded with a laugh.

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