On Tuesday, January 21, Shane Dawson spilled some major tea about the YouTube beauty community. The vlogger uploaded the debut video to his new beauty channel called ShaneGlossin and it was a compilation of never-before-seen clips of his wildly successful YouTube series The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star. One deleted scene included Shane sitting alongside his assistant and fiancé Ryland Adams‘ sister, Morgan Adams, as she told him about the “30% rule” that some influencers follow.

The clip started with Morgan revealing the shocking truth about how beauty influencers act on brand trips. She recounted a heartbreaking story of when she was invited on a trip to Hawaii and revealed that the other influencers completely ignored her the entire time.

“The people, the makeup gurus, [were] scary. I was like dumbfounded. I’ve never been in a situation where people were actually rude like that,” Morgan said. “They just pretended I wasn’t there.”

The 22-year-old YouTuber got real about how this trip affected her confidence, especially after she learned about the “30% rule.” She explained that the rule is used to determine who influencers can and can’t be friends with. For example, certain influencers don’t want to be friends with anyone who’s not “30% below or 30% above” them in terms of the amount of followers they have and how attractive they are.

“So they can’t be friends with people unless they’re significantly underneath them and aren’t fighting for their same spot, or being friends with someone who’s like a James [Charles], who’s going to blow up your social blade,” she told Shane.

The vlogger reacted to Morgan’s explanation and said hearing this rule made him “sick.”

During another scene, Shane confronted his BFF Jeffree Star about what Morgan had told him and the makeup mogul confirmed everything. Jeffree said things like that that happens on most brand trips. He then revealed that the beauty gurus’ attitudes were the main reason he stopped going on influencer trips.

“[Beauty brands] have all these parties and what you’re not seeing is, a lot of demons come out at night — and I don’t mean people without their makeup on. I mean like people…want to get f**ked up…and you see like the demons come out in them,” Jeffree admitted.

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