YouTuber Shane Dawson just bought a $450 Furby that was an exact replica of his BFF Jeffree Star, and fans are shook. Sculptor and artist Sunny Biss has become famous on the internet for creating the “long Furby.” Essentially, for each project, she will take one of the famous toys from the ’90s and turn them into one-of-a-kind creations.

In order to recreate Jeffree’s iconic look, the artist added a long pink wig and Gucci belt to the character. She also gave the Furby human-like hands that had nails similar to the makeup moguls and even drew all his tattoos — talk about dedication!

On Wednesday, January 29, fellow YouTuber John J Salomone spotted the replica on eBay and immediately Tweeted photos of it, tagging both Jeffree and Shane.

“I FOUND A [Jeffree Star] FURBY with [a Shane Dawson] palette this is honestly incredible,” John tweeted

Jeffree spotted the tweet and was quick to reply.

“I’m buying it right now brb,” the social media star replied.

Shane also replied to the tweet. He wrote, “I NEED THAT!!”

Later, the vlogger followed up and told fans he purchased the Furby.

“Item has been secured. Thank [you] for doing the lords work and finding this true masterpiece,” Shane said along with a photo of his order confirmation.

After the Twitter exchange went viral, the artist expressed her gratitude and shock with her followers.

“[Jeffree Star] and [Shane Dawson] just bought my ‘Jeffurry STAR’ long Furby! I am screaming and can’t get my brain straight. Yahoo!!!” Sunny wrote.

During an interview with Insider, Sunny revealed that it took her over 40 hours to make the Furby. She also revealed that she never imagined Jeffree or Shane would see it, nevertheless buy it!

“I had just finished making it the day I heard about Jeffree’s breakup and I was like crap, do I hold it? Is that inappropriate?” she admitted. “I tagged him and said ‘I hope this makes you smile,’ because I knew it was a tough time and I didn’t wanna seem like I was piggybacking off of some tragedy.”

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