We are honestly so proud of Shawn Mendes. Not only did the singer just bravely open up about his battle with anxiety on stage in front of thousands of people, but he also revealed that he had accomplished something huge.

The 20-year-old told his fans during his concert in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday, April 6 that for the last year he’s had to take medicine to calm down before hitting the stage.

“As a performer, when somebody gets on stage, obviously you get very nervous and you freak out and sometimes things become a lot for you,” he shared. “And so, there’s medicines, there’s things you can do to help. And I meditate and I do a lot of things to try and calm down but there’s this type of medicine that’s called beta blockers. And basically, it’s a very common medicine but what it does is it slows your heart rate down so that you can be less stressed out and so that you can calm down and breathe. I want you to know that for the last year, basically, every single show that I’ve played I’ve been taking the medicine that’s been slowing down my heart rate so I can be calm on stage.”

But on Saturday, he revealed he had taken an amazing and brave step.

“I think it’s important that you know that today is my very first show without that medicine,” he continued.

Wow, did anyone else just get chills? We are seriously blown away by his bravery. And this isn’t the first time the “In My Blood” crooner has opened up about overcoming his anxiety. During the Billboard Live Music Summit And Awards last year, he explained that talking things out with his manager has helped him a lot.

“The big thing for me [was] every time I felt overwhelmed and didn’t tell [my manager] Andrew, so I got deeper into this hole,” Shawn explained. “So, now every time I have even a small amount of that overwhelming [feeling,] I tell him immediately. Because if you’re not solving the problem the second it starts, you’re going to create this massive, massive thing. I found that the less I would give out and explain how I was feeling, all of sudden Andrew would ask me to sign 10 posters and I would stress over it. [When] I started to explain how I felt and tackle all these things, I could sign 10 posters and do 10 shows and it would be no problem.”

Wow, we’re amazed at how far he’s come! You go, Shawn!

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