Everyone is super worried about Shawn Mendes. The singer, who normally always stops to take pictures with fans, told them on Monday, March 18, 2019, that he couldn’t because he was so sick. Naturally, everyone quickly started to freak out, especially since the “In My Blood” crooner is in the midst of his world tour. With such a busy and grueling schedule, fans are getting super concerned about his health.

“If I’m honest with you guys, I’m really worried getting more sick for the show for the next couple of days. But I love you guys,” the 20-year-old said in a video captured by fans and posted to Twitter.

And according to his bodyguard, things got so bad they even had to put Shawn on vocal rest!

“Shawn is sick so he’s not allowed to speak today,” one fan tweeted on Sunday, March 17, along with a clip of the singer outside of his hotel. “According to [his bodyguard] Jake, he’s on vocal rest and won’t be meeting anymore fans today. Get well soon @ShawnMendes.”

As fans know, the heartthrob had a concert in Cologne, Germany on Monday night, and a show in Paris, France on Tuesday night, so he unfortunately hasn’t had a lot of time to rest. And no fan likes to hear that their idol is sick or in pain, so naturally, everyone quickly took to Twitter to shower Shawn with love and support.

“I just wish I could just hug Shawn and tell that I love him, and also to take care of himself,” one fan wrote. “He’s so kind.. We don’t deserve him, guys.”

“I really hope Shawn feels better and gets all the rest and respect he deserves,” another added. “Give him space and don’t force yourself on him, he’s trying to get better.”

Feel better Shawn!

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