If you aren’t already fully obsessed with Jenna Raine‘s brand new original song “Technicolor” — well, prepare to have it on repeat for the foreseeable future. The lyrics are all about not caring what other people thinking and living life as your authentic self. Not only is the song super relatable and totally catchy, but the music video is nothing short of a masterpiece! J-14 caught up with Jenna, and she spilled a behind-the-scenes secret you’d never know from the video shoot!

The 15-year-old star told us, “By the time we shot that last scene, I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open. For the last shot, I was laying on the bed asleep. I don’t actually remember this, but one time they said action — and I was actually asleep! Everyone started laughing as they woke me up, and we finished right after that shot was taken.”

In case you’re new to Jenna’s music, you should know that “Technicolor” isn’t her first iconic bop. In December 2018, Jenna dropped her very first single called “Us.” Then, in January 2019, the star came out with her debut EP, Nen. In April, Jenna then hit the road with twin singers Max & Harvey for their spring UK tour — and it seriously looked like they had the best time ever taking the stage together.

So what else is Jenna up to these days? Well, a lot! It was recently announced that Jenna will be performing at Disney’s Du Jour Dance Party at Epcot inside Walt Disney World Resort on September 13 and 14. We can’t wait to see her slay the stage at the event!

Now, the star is currently in the studio brewing up some fresh, new music — and we seriously cannot wait to see what she has in store!

Lucky for you, J-14 has some exclusive photos from on set of the “Technicolor” music video, so scroll through the gallery to check them out!

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