Our worlds are colliding! Squid Game actress Hoyeon Jung has a major connection to NewJeans! The Netflix star appeared in not just one, but two music videos for the k-pop group’s July 2023 song “Cool With You.Keep reading to see details on their collaboration, friendship and more.

Is ‘Squid Game’ Actress Hoyeon Jung Friends With NewJeans?

It appears the actress has some connection with the girl group, considering she starred in more than one music video.

Did ‘Squid Game’ Actress Hoyeon Jung Star in NewJeans’ ‘Cool With You’ Music Videos?

NewJeans’ music videos for “Cool With You (side A)” and “Cool With You & Get Up (side B)” dropped in July 2023. Hoyeon, starred alongside another global star.

Prior to the premieres, NewJeans’ agency ADOR confirmed that the videos would have two global guest star appearances. “The ‘Cool With You’ music video was produced in two parts, A and B,” they revealed. “Two unexpected global stars will also appear in the video.”

Speculations started spreading online that both Hoyeon and BTS member V would star in NewJeans’ upcoming music videos. This was due to several eyewitnesses sharing online that they had seen both stars visiting a restaurant in Madrid, Spain for three consecutive days. In response to the rumors, ADOR commented, “We cannot confirm it.”

Once the videos premiered, it was revealed to be internationally recognized actor Tony Leung, not V. The Hong Kong native has starred in multiple blockbusters, from Lust, Caution, In the Mood for Love, Chungking Express and most recently, Marvel’s 2021 film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

In the first “Side A” music video, it shows Hoyeon following multiple people around Madrid, from a woman walking to work, to a man she follows back to his apartment. As NewJeans also watches over Hoyeon thoughout the music video, we discover that the Squid Game actress was actually invisible the entire time.


As for the “Side B” version of the MV, Hoyeon is finally able to be seen by the man she’s been following around, and they soon start a relationship. That is, until Hoyeon spots Tony’s otherworldly character approach her lover, who soon forgets her, and the Korean star becomes invisible once more.

Did BTS V Star In NewJeans Music Video?

While BTS’ V did not star in the “Cool With You” music videos, it’s possible he might make an appearance in NewJeans upcoming music premieres, as at least two more music videos will drop by July 21, 2023, when their mini album Get Up is released. Finger crossed!

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