It looks like Tana Mongeau is not here for people hating on her new perfume! The YouTuber just clapped back at fans who slammed it for its high price and accusing her of copying a cheaper brand, and she had the best response ever.

The social media star’s new fragrance, TANA by Tana, dropped on January 25, 2020, and sold out in only 76 minutes! It comes in a glass bottled that’s shaped like a skull, and the scent is described as a mix of “flirty top notes of Tahitian vanilla and a head turning base of vivid, sexy citrus with subtle notes of Argan oils.” But smelling like Tana doesn’t come cheap. A bottle of TANA by Tana costs $48, and some fans are not happy with the price. Some of her followers have even pointed out that the bottle she used is pretty similar to one that’s available at Hot Topic for only $5.

Tana Mongeau Perfume

“All that money and the best Tana Mongeau could do was rip off a $5 Hot Topic perfume bottle and call it ‘TANA by Tana,’ the creative bankruptcy of big name YouTubers never ceases to amaze me,” one fan wrote on Twitter, with another adding, “I have literally seen this exact perfume bottle in multiple colors at Hot Topic.”

“Literally stolen right off the shelves of Hot Topic, but are we surprised? No,” a third fan quipped, alongside some photos comparing the influencer’s new perfume bottle to the ones sold at Hot Topic.

But when Tana caught wind of everyone’s comments, and quickly took to Twitter to defend herself.

“No shade to Hot Topic, but my bottle is not cheap tiny acrylic rollerball s**t!” she wrote. “I love the skull. I made this perfume at a time of my life where that [really] embodied my brand/me. But it is a super thick glass bottle and metal details. I went through 1,000 different bottles.”

According to the MTV star, the fragrance is currently sold out but will become available again in four to six weeks.

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