On Thursday, January 23, Tana Mongeau took to Twitter and claimed that her Airbnb host had pulled a gun on her and her friends.

“Dude my Airbnb owner just pulled a gun on us,” the 21-year-old tweeted to her two million followers.

The internet star traveled to Las Vegas to work on something “important” and according to her social media, the incident happened after she arrived in Nevada.

“Nothing like a good gun pulled on [you] to remind [you] the fragility of life,” she posted on Twitter later that same evening. “This [really] would only happen to me. Gotta love going to Vegas for a few hours.”

After seeing her Twitter posts, Airbnb reached out to Tana via social media to get to the bottom of the situation. Although it was unclear what happened afterward, the YouTuber star did take to her Instagram Stories and reflected on the entire situation calling it “weird.” She also teased her upcoming project.

“I’ve worked too hard on something I am so proud of and refuse to let the devil take that from me,” she wrote. “I feel weird [though]. I’ll [see you tomorrow]. I love you guys & this life so much.”

Tana Mongeau Reveals She Was Held At Gunpoint By Her Airbnb Host

As fans know, this isn’t the first time something like this happened to Tana. Previously, in October 2019, she claimed that she was almost killed by her Uber driver.

The MTV star revealed, in a video, that she was leaving her ex-girlfriend’s birthday celebration when she ordered an Uber. However, at the same time, she requested a Lyft that she forgot to cancel. When both cars showed up, the Uber driver was not pleased. Things got even worse when the influencer realized that the license plate on the car wasn’t the same as the one it listed on her app, but she decided to get into it anyway.

During the car ride, the social media star claimed that she was super uncomfortable and that the driver was pretty rude to her. She also said that she had no phone service and that the driver missed multiple turns on purpose — for her, that was the last straw. As soon as she saw the first sign of civilization, Tana got out of the car. She ended up at a gas station, but unfortunately it was closed.

“We’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s not a car anywhere. The freeway’s empty. No one’s at the gas station and the lights are off. We’re standing at this locked door and we see that the Uber is turning around and coming back,” she said at the time.

The blonde beauty said that she ran behind the gas station to hide and ordered a new Uber. Finally, she got home safely.

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