Calling all Tana Mongeau fans — prepare yourselves because it looks like a documentary is in the works. On Sunday, January 5, the YouTube star took to Instagram and shared a collection of images giving her five million followers a look back at her whirlwind 2019. She also announced this exciting new project.

“I really didn’t wanna be one of those people posting a 10 photo highlight reel to Instagram to ‘capture’ my year,” she wrote. “2019 was a rollercoaster for me. It taught me that a lot of moments that look happy aren’t and to be grateful for those who make you wanna live. It taught me that I only want to live for authenticity and passion because they’re the only thing that keeps the fire alive.”

The 21-year-old remembered how, despite the heartbreak, she ended 2019 “laughing.”

“I ended my 2019 — with a sold out variety show in NYC with [Live Nation] and all of my best friends (family),” Tana told followers. “We ended the year posted up in the most beautiful crib i’ve ever stayed at, playing piano, singing, drinking, and laughing. Then we played a sold out show at the f**king Gramercy Theater, singing and laughing a lot more. This trip reminded me what I live for, and who I want to coexist with. This highlight reel can’t even begin to capture what this trip did for me.”

After her mini-recap, Tana looked forward to 2020. She announced a “30-minute YouTube recap” video coming soon that will chronicle and break down everything that happened to her in 2019 and an upcoming documentary.

“I have a documentary on it coming 2020,” she said. “Happy I ended the year this way, with all of you and the people I love. Doing what I love. Previewing new music aka my soul. Being my most authentic self. That’s what 2020 will be for me.”

What can Tana fans expect the documentary to be about? Well, from the sound of it, viewers will get a look inside her sold out Gramercy Theater show and seemingly a look behind-the-scenes of her music-making journey. The blonde beauty has a lot of exciting, new projects to watch out for in 2020.

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