YouTube star Tana Mongeau just called her ex-husband Jake Paul‘s brother Logan her “boyfriend” and fans are shook! Yep, that’s right, hours after the internet stars were photographed cozying up during a lunch date at Joan’s On Third in Los Angeles on Monday, February 17, the blonde beauty uploaded a new TikTok video and seemingly referred to Logan as her new beau.

“Ayo, really hot boyfriend check,” the clip’s voiceover said before Tana panned her camera over to Logan who was driving a car.

@tanamongeaulol♬ WHY IS EVERYONES BOYFRIEND HOT – juliathekindafunnyperson

Naturally, fans couldn’t believe it, especially because Tana didn’t explicitly say if she was joking or not. When the lunch date photos first surfaced, some people were quick to deny romance rumors between the two internet stars, but now fans aren’t so sure. Some of the images from their meet-up showed Tana as she hugged her ex-bother-in-law. Logan also planted a kiss on her head before putting his arm around her shoulders. While they were dining, she even gave him a sip of her iced coffee.

Some people have started to think this apparent PDA might be more than just two friends meeting up for a hang out session.

“I’ve always thought Tana and Logan would be cute. So, I was shocked when her and Jake announced they were a thing,” one fan wrote on Twitter about the rumored romance. Another added, “Tana Mongeau [confirmed] she’s dating Logan Paul?!”

Others are convinced that the two social media stars are just friends.

“Tana and Logan are allowed to be friends and y’all assuming otherwise is weird,” a fan said. One other person tweeted, “Wait [people] are actually thinking that Tana and Logan are hitting it off. Bruh if you don’t realize that they are both just pulling pranks I don’t know what to tell ya.”

As fans know, this came over a month after Tana and Jake announced that they were taking a break from their whirlwind relationship. In January 2020, both stars took to Instagram and posted matching photos along with heartfelt captions that said they both needed time to focus on their own lives.

However, despite the breakup, Tana seemed to still have good relationship with her ex’s brother. Only time will tell if they’re actually a couple as neither Tana nor Logan have confirmed their relationship status.

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