The internet went absolutely wild after Taylor Swift changed her Instagram bio to “4.26” on Saturday, April 13. And when she posted a countdown leading up to April 26 on her Instagram Stories the same day, everyone quickly assumed it had to mean that a brand new song from the blonde beauty was finally on it’s way! Us Swifties have been waiting a long time for some new music from the “Look What You Made Me Do” songstress, so this was, like, the best news ever. Right?

But when the 29-year-old started posting a series of mysterious photos (including a bicycle, paintings of chickens wearing sunglasses and more!) to her Instagram account, fans quickly started to speculate about what it all might mean. And naturally, a ton of fan theories started circulating the web.

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Some Swifties are quite certain that Taylor will drop a new single on April 26, and they’re convinced they’ve figured out what it’ll be called and what it’s about. But what if it’s not a new song that’s coming after all? Some fans think she may be announcing an exciting new movie role instead. While others believe she’s going to marry her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, that day!

And get this, you guys — there’s even theories on why she chose the date April 26. Some fans have pointed out that 4 (for the month April) and 26 added together equals 30, which is a prominent number in the singer’s life right now. Why, you ask? Well, she’s turning 30 years old this year and in honor of the big birthday, she did an interview with Elle Magazine last month called “30 Things I learned Before Turning 30.” Others have suggested that she chose the 26th because the number “twenty-six” starts with “T” and “S” – just like her initials! Plus, hardcore Swifities know that 13 is Taylor’s lucky number. She actually made the announcement that something new was coming on April 13, and 13 days after that would be April 26.

So what exactly will go down on April 26, you ask? Well, we have to wait and see. But until then, we went ahead and rounded up all of the fan theories about it, and we are living for them. Some definitely seem possible, if you ask us, while others are just plain ridiculous. There is one thing we know for sure — whatever she releases is going to be epic.

Scroll through our gallery to see all of the fan theories about what will happen on April 26.

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