She’s done it again! Taylor Swift is making waves with her From the Vault song “I Can See You” from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

A true dance track, this never-before-heard song appears to be about Taylor wanting a potential lover and keeping it a secret.

“‘Cause I can see you waitin’ down the hall from me / And I could see you up against the wall with me,” she sings in the song’s chorus. “And what would you do? Baby, if you only knew / That I can see you.”

Keep reading for a complete “I Can See You” lyrics breakdown. 

What Is Taylor Swift’s ‘I Can See You’ About?

Fans immediately praised Taylor’s raw and honest lyrics in this From the Vault track, noting that it presents some similarities to that of the Reputation track “Dress.” Both songs appear to have Taylor singing directly to her significant other or potential lover about how she’s feeling.

“I think that it’s important to experiment with different things,” Taylor shared with Extra TV in June 2015. “I think that the direction you wanna go musically, it has to surprise people. There are a lot of my songwriting that I haven’t explored yet.”

Speak Now

When it comes to this song specifically, Taylor wrote it all on her own. In fact, she wrote all of her Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) songs.

“I made this album, completely self-written, between the ages of 18 and 20,” Taylor shared in the Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Prologue, which is included with the vinyl. “I’ve spoken about how I feel those ages are the most emotionally turbulent ones in a person’s life. Maybe when I say that, I’m just talking about myself.”

After hearing this, fans started to joke about why this sexy track was removed from the original Speak Now that was released in 2010. Of course, this has spawned a few memes on social media thus far.

Who Is Taylor Swift’s ‘I Can See You’ About?

Since Taylor notoriously drops hints within her song lyrics, it’s no surprise that her fans have been dissecting each word included on the From the Vault track. However, it’s unclear who “I Can See You” is actually about.

From this line of lyrics, “And we kept everything professional / But something’s changed,” it appears that Taylor might be alluding to someone she has worked with in the past. This, of course, has not been confirmed.

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