Set in his ways! Teen Wolf star Orny Adams told J-14 exclusively that he “still didn’t read the script” when it came to reprising his role as Beacon Hills High School lacrosse coach Bobby Finstock for the forthcoming movie.

“It doesn’t feel like I ever left, it just feels like a continuation. So, there’s no return, I was with the show day one shooting and we’re still together,” the comedian, 52, told J-14 on the Teen Wolf: The Movie red carpet on Wednesday, January 18, noting that there was “no difference” to the way he approached the character.

Orny played the snarky coach for six seasons of the MTV series, which aired from 2011 to 2017. While participating in the Teen Wolf 9-Years Later” reunion in June 2020, the actor admitted to his costars that he never “read a script after season 2,” despite being a recurring character.

“I’m pretty sure I couldn’t name all of the characters on the screen,” he confessed at the time. “Some of these people I don’t even remember working with them.”

Looks like things never change, because Orny admitted to doing the same before playing Coach Finstock in the Paramount+ film. That said, the former MTV star would “love” to be asked back for more Teen Wolf movies in the future.

‘Teen Wolf’ Star Orny Adams Jokes He ‘Still Didn’t Read the Script’ Before Movie
Curtis Bonds Baker/MTV

“It’s hard to explain how much this means to me, but it really does. I find myself a little bit emotional tonight because it really does, and I don’t realize it until I’m at events like this,” Orny told J-14. “It’s a big part of my life. I have a completely separate life as a stand-up comedian, doing my own shows. But this, to be a part of something like this, with all these people — to be a small part of something great, is pretty amazing too.”

While lacrosse is a huge part of the Teen Wolf universe, Orny joked that he has no idea which one of the stars is athletic.

“I don’t think any of them can play lacrosse,” the Orny Adams: More Than Loud star said. “You know what, maybe [Dylan] Sprayberry.”

He added, “I never paid attention to them playing lacrosse. I know, I’m the coach. … Whoever scored the last goal that’s my favorite player. Definitely not Greenberg.”

Reporting by Nate Grant

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