Callie Haverda experienced a lot of firsts on the set of That ’90s Show, including her first kiss! The Netflix star plays Leia Forman in the spinoff to That ’70s Show, the daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti, and she sat down with J-14 to speak about her “awkward” first kiss on set, how similar she is to her character and who her favorite That ’70s Show character is.

On Callie Haverda’s First Kiss on ‘That ’90s Show’

“It was pretty awkward,” Callie exclusively revealed to J-14 about first kiss. “But the director, she made us feel very comfortable. And with my castmates, we were all very close and it was just the mentality of like, ‘Oh, we’re just acting.’ We all knew that it was work. We’re all just friends having a good time, that kind of thing and that kind of feeling.”

The plot of That ’90s Show follows Callie’s character Leia while she visits her grandparents Red and Kitty at Point Place. There, she meets her neighbor Gwen (Ashley Aufderheide) and befriends her along with other outcast kids, deciding to stay for the summer.

The Texas native revealed to J-14 that she has “a lot of similarities” to her character.

“Yeah, I definitely am [similar],” she told J-14. “I definitely can see myself in her. I feel like she’s a very … She’s craving adventure and ready to find herself, which at the time I could definitely relate to because I lived in Texas and going to California and on this new journey, I feel like meeting all these new people, I was kind of in the same shoes as Leia. So we were definitely similar in that way and we kind of grew together over the time of filming.”

On Callie Haverda’s Favorite ‘That ’70s Show’ Character

It might be shocking to hear — but Callie, 15, had never seen That ’70s Show before she auditioned for the show!

“I started [watching the show] before I got the audition, but as soon as I started watching the clips, I was like, ‘This show so good,’” she admitted. “And then I think after I got my first callback, I went and got the box [DVD] set from Best Buy and watched almost all the seasons. I’m a huge fan of That ‘70 Show. [While] I was doing the audition process, I was like, ‘Even if I don’t book this show, I’m totally going to keep watching it because it’s so good.'”

And what is her favorite That ’70s Show, you might ask?

“Honestly, I’m going to have to say that I think Eric’s probably my favorite character. Eric or Fez, both of them,” she revealed. “But [Eric’s] my dad, what can I say?”

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