Let us give you a fair warning – if you haven't already binged Season 1 The Bold Type (which like, what are you waiting for?), it is about to become your new favorite obsession and there's more on the way. Freeform just announced the show has been renewed for 20 more episodes, which means we're getting two more seasons of 10 episodes each.

"At Freeform, we are committed to delivering shows that celebrate the power and possibility of the female voice," Karey Burke, the executive VP of programming and development at Freeform said to The Hollywood Reporter. "Season one of The Bold Type brought culturally significant stories to the masses that not only entertain, but also empower our viewers to conquer the world — we are excited to continue to champion these incredible women.”

The series creator Sarah Watson will not return though after having creative differences with the network and instead, Amanda Lasher will take the lead as the new showrunner. Following the story of three super glamorous friends working together at a women's magazine Scarlett in New York City, the Freeform series is everything we've ever wanted in a television show (especially for those who are all about fashion, journalism, romance, social justice issues and a good 'ol girl power message). Two of the show's stars, Katie Stevens, and Aisha Dee, took to Instagram to share their excitement.

"TWO MORE SEASONS WITH MY BEST FRIENDSSSSS! Woke up and had to pinch myself! God is good. So thankful, and so so excited!" Katie wrote.

"Two more seasons with my best boo boos? That's gonna be a heck yes from me dawg ✌️?✨ #TheBoldType," Aisha wrote in the caption of the precious pic she shared of her and her co-stars sharing a hug together.

What's different about this show, compared to others of its kind, is that the focus of the plot isn't typical drama within the friend group. No, no – it's the total opposite. Jane, Kat, and Sutton are co-workers-turned-besties who lift each other up and support each other. They go through their careers encouraging each other, rather than treating it all like a competition. But of course, there's tons of romance drama and juicy storylines – giving us total Sex In the City and The Devil Wears Prada vibes. Now that the first season has wrapped, fans of the show had been very vocal about wanting more episodes, something Sarah had spoken to Variety about, saying everone on the show was "overjoyed by the outpouring of love and passion from fans."

The Season 1 finale definitely ends on a note of closure – however, there is more than enough room to explore. Sarah said she purposely left a lot of questions in the air to be answered and one topic she'd like to touch on further, in particular, are the male characters.

"For Season 1, it was all about the girls and their friendship and getting to know them. It would be great now in Season 2 to get to know the guys, even outside of their relationships with the women," she said in an interview.

As for the main cast, Katie, Meghann Fahy and Aisha, they hope to see their characters go on vacation the second time around.

"I think vacation episodes of shows are the best, 'cause you're like, what are they doing out of the place where they live?!" Meghann said. "It's always so jarring, but also really exciting."

As for Kat, Aisha can't wait for her character to introduce her girlfriend to her squad.

"I can't wait for Kat to introduce Jane and Sutton to Adena,” Aisha added. "When you start dating someone, and you introduce them to your friends, that's a really big deal and they haven't done that yet."

Katie chimed in, "I would love to see us all on a date together with our people – Pinstripe and Richard and Adena."

"Maybe they go to the Hamptons together to Richard's house in the Hamptons!" Aisha added.

All these Season 2 ideas are really getting our hopes up!

Get to know the cast:

J-14 caught up with the cast of the series and they told us all about the characters they play. Basically, we want to be best friends with all of them (the stars and their characters, tbh).

Katie Stevens

katie stevens the bold type

Katie portrays Jane, a former intern who gets promoted to being a writer at the Scarlet magazine.

The actress exclusively tells us, "Jane used to be an intern at the magazine Scarlet, and she's now promoted to writer. She's very type-A and a perfectionist. And being that she writes for a magazine that's about sex and relationships and all of those wonderfully edgy things, she kind of has to let go of her perfectionist ways and give herself over to having those experiences that she has to write about."

Seen Katie before? Yep, you may recognize her from playing Karma Ashcroft in Faking It.

Aisha Dee

aisha dee

The actress who plays Kat is Aisha Dee, who is no stranger to the business. She's starred in multiple television shows (The Saddle Club, Dead Gorgeous, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Chasing Life and Sweet/Vicious to name a few).

Aisha's character Kat is the woke AF social media director for Scarlet magazine, who she has a serious passion for making a difference. She isn't afraid to stand up in a meeting and fight for a story that she believes in, and that's exactly what makes her such a bosslady.

Meghann Fahy

meghann fahy the bold type

Meghann plays Sutton, a totally free and fabulous fashionista who's still trying to figure it all out when it comes to her career – while also balancing a pretty scandalous love life.

"She grew up kind of having a lot of responsibilities, sort of having to be an adult at a really young age. So she always played it really safe professionally. She studied business in college, and right now we're exploring her sort of navigating how to pursue what she's actually really passionate about – even though it's really risky," Meghann says.

The star's previously starred in shows like One Life to Live, Necessary Roughness and Chicago Fire. She also had a small role in Gossip Girl, so that's like pretty epic.

Sam Page

sam page

Sam plays Richard, the super hot and successful businessman at the magazine company – who can turn his charm on at the drop of the hat without even trying.

The actor tells us, "I play Richard, who is an in-house legal attorney for the magazine and also on the board of directors. [My character is] kind of a playboy."

Meghann isn't the only The Bold Type star to have some history with Gossip Girl. The fan-fave show is on Sam's seriously long resumé too, which also includes 7th Heaven, All My Children, American Dreams, Point Pleasant, Desperate Housewives, Greek, Mad Men, House of Cards, Switched at Birth – the list goes on.

Matt Ward

matt ward the bold type

Matt plays the role of Alex, a male writer on a staff full of woman at Scarlet magazine. You may recognize him from a number of different roles in movies like Charlie St. Cloud, Tooth Fairy and Red Riding Hood – along with shows like Supernatural and Remedy.

Melora Hardin

the bold type

Melora portrays the super idolized and incredibly chic editor-in-chief of Scarlet magazine. Her character is based off former editor-in-chief off of Cosmopolitan Joanna Coles, and the resemblance is seriously spot-on. You may know the actress best from her roles in The Office, Wedding Band and Transparent.

Dan Jeannotte

pinstripe guy the bold type

Dan's character name is Ryan Decker, but he's better known as "Pinstripe Guy." He's a writer at one of the men's publications at the company, and has a steamy with romance with Jane. They even inspire each other's pieces for their respective magazines.

This post was originally published on July 11, 2017 and since has been updated.

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