TikTok’s newest music sensation is The Future X! Comprised of three singers — Luke BrownAngie Green and Maci Wood — and four dancers — Sasha Marie, Drew Venegas, Tray Taylor and Jayna Hughes — this new seven-member pop group is set to take the music industry to new heights.

Formed by music industry mogul Simon Fuller, the group came together following an extensive and “unique” audition process on TikTok. Each potential member shared a video of themselves on the app alongside the #NextInMusic hashtag before being chosen as part of the group. After their TikTok videos went viral and the group was formed, Angie explained to J-14 exclusively — following The Future X’s late-January 2022 debut — that “our whole life’s changed and nothing has been the same since — just from a TikTok.” She added, “It’s pretty incredible.”

The rest of the members experienced a similar audition process with Luke telling J-14 that the entire thing has been “so surreal.” He shared, “I did not expect like any of this and now it’s just, we’re in a group, and it’s so much fun.”

The group is gearing up to release its first batch of music and already gearing up to hit the stage in March 2022. While The Future X waits for their Brazil arena tour alongside Now United, the members are living in an “amazing” home in Malibu and creating tons of content.

“We all have such fun making videos together that it just doesn’t really seem like a job, doesn’t seem like we’re making TikTok’s. We’re just hanging out. We happen to be videoing it and putting it on TikTok,” Luke explained. Jayna added, “Since we’re all different, being able to see each other and bounce ideas off of each other really helps inspire us to like create more. It’s been super fun learning more about each other while making content.”

As they continue to create content and release music, The Future X members promise that fans will “get to know all of us individually, but also as a group.”

Drew explained: “We are very diverse, but it’s about bringing both worlds of dance and singing together. So, I think that’s one thing that is definitely gonna blow people’s minds — how we create both worlds and combine them together to make it one. … I think it’s gonna be pretty extraordinary. I’m excited to see how people react because it’s never been done before.”

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