Warning: Spoilers ahead. Fans have been patiently waiting on the edge of their seats to find out which pop star was behind the T-Rex on The Masked Singer, and now, her identity has finally been revealed! Yep, you guys might want to brace yourselves because the results are honestly pretty shocking.

Drum roll please… So it turns out, it was JoJo Siwa the entire time! After the Nickelodeon star was eliminated from the singing competition during Wednesday, March 25’s episode, they forced her to remove her mask and finally show the world who she really was.

For those who don’t know, The Masked Singer is a super popular reality series on Fox that features various celebrities dressed head to toe in costumes to hide their real identity. Throughout the season, a panel of judges is given clues about each person to help hem guess who’s under the mask. Each star also has the opportunity to perform a song of their choice, so the audience and judges can vote. Then, the person with the lowest number of votes is forced to reveal their true identity to the crowd.

Before it was confirmed, a lot of fans were pretty convinced that the dinosaur was JoJo. Why? Well, one of the clues was that they were discovered by another celebrity, while another was that they were introduced to audiences alongside a lot of other talented people. Naturally, people assumed this was a reference to Dance Moms — where the “D.R.E.A.M.” songstress first rose to fame. Plus, there was another clue that was a globe wearing a pink party hat, which some avid JoJo fans took as a reference to her song “Worldwide Party.”

Others speculated that Liza Koshy was underneath the costume!

“The T-Rex is Liza Koshy,” a Reddit user wrote. “Think about it, in her last clue video she said the words ‘Double Dare,’ which is a game show she hosts on Nickelodeon. Double Dare also has an obstacle course with an obstacle called ‘Mt. St. Double Dare,’ which is a volcano that oozes slime. There is a volcano in every one of her clue packages. Also, she is a famous YouTuber which is what the ‘U’ stood for. Liza Koshy, welcome to The Masked Singer.”

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