The dynamic sister duo is making moves! Veronica and Vanessa Merrell may be widely known as YouTube stars, but the 24-year-old social media stars are adding another job to their already impressive resume.

On Wednesday, March 31, the Merrell Twins took to Instagram and announced their new title as the official Coca-Cola Flavor Curators, which they tell J-14 exclusively is “a big honor.”

“We are the brand’s official stewards. So it’s our job to share our favorite Coca-Cola flavors and salty snack combinations,” Veronica says. Vanessa adds, “We’re professionals because, honestly, we’re twins and best friends, so we know what the perfect combination is.”

When it comes to Coca-Cola’s four flavors — Cherry, Vanilla, Orange Vanilla and Cherry Vanilla — the girls each have their own favorite salty and sweet snacking combination.

Vanessa goes for the classic Vanilla with pretzels because “it’s just, like, the perfect amount of sweet and salty, and a great snack.” Veronica, on the other hand, likes to pair Cherry (which according to a survey done by Coca-Cola, is the nation’s favorite) with chicken wings. “I think it gives a perfect pop to any wing,” she explains.

The Merrell Twins, along with 73 percent of the Gen-Z and Millenials surveyed by Coca-Cola, admit to “snacking” way more amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With this in mind, the girls want fans to share their favorite Coke flavor and salty snack combinations on social media!

Along with “late-night snacking,” Veronica and Vanessa also admit that it’s been “a little bit of a struggle” for them to stay creative while quarantining, especially when they have to come up with video ideas for weekly Tuesday uploads. Despite the hardships, the sisters say it’s been “easier” because they “have each other.”

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell Dish on the 'Honor' of Being Named Coca-Cola Flavor Curators

But even with a global pandemic, the girls have still managed to film season 3 of their AwesomenessTV reality show Twin My Heart. This time around, Veronica and Vanessa are helping TikTok star Nate Wyatt on his journey to find love and they promise “lots of drama” and “unexpected twists” as the third season continues to air. “[It’s] very emotional, a lot of emotions come out during the season,” Veronica says.

“The first season was very different. I was the person looking for love,” Vanessa tells J-14 about how the show has changed over the years. “The second and third seasons, it’s a little different because we stepped back. We get to help other people and we’re not necessarily the ones doing all the activities, that’s where it’s really different.”

Accompanying the show, the internet sensations also have the “Twin My Heart” podcast premiering on Wednesday, April 7. Veronica and Vanessa tease that they’ll “spill a little bit more tea” about what went down behind-the-scenes on the show’s set. They’re also planning to share more about their own lives, something the siblings note “can be very scary” for them.

Despite having grown up as internet creators, the girls are still super surprised when fans say the Merrell Twins “raised them.” Even though Veronica, Vanessa and their viewers are all getting older, the girls have no plans to stop their weekly uploading schedule. They also have some major career plans for when the world gets “a little bit safer.” It’s safe to say these twins aren’t going anywhere any time soon!

Twin My Heart airs new episodes on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel on Sundays at 7 a.m. PST.

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