Ever since they skyrocketed to fame on TikTok, fans have become obsessed with Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo‘s relationship. The internet stars were already a couple when they became famous, but they actually met way before their follower count started growing. However, they’ve since called it quits.

In a since-deleted YouTube video titled “How We Met,” the duo revealed that they first met in 2017 while at a movie audition. “When I saw him, I kind of knew,” Nicky told J-14 exclusively in April 2021. “I just was drawn to him. He was just so beautiful and he had this presence to him that was just illuminating. I just saw stars.”

“I don’t know how he saw that,” Pierre replied. The France native, for his part, remembered being “stressed,” “late” and “trying to focus” on his lines.

Upon seeing Pierre, Nicky snapped a photo of him so they could meet again, and the rest is history. “I have how I saw him for the first time forever … I have it in a physical form,” the Texas native gushed to J-14.

After they made their relationship Instagram official, the duo became true influencers. It wasn’t until they started making TikTok videos that they gained millions of followers. Nicky and Pierre have since started a YouTube channel as well, in which they give their fanbase an inside look into their daily lives.

“Twenty million seems like just a number on a screen to us, until we’re eating out or grabbing a coffee and we are recognized by a family or a table full of moms,” Pierre explained while chatting with Forbes in April 2021. Nicky added, “We started seeing traction on Instagram almost immediately. Especially from young teens. We knew pretty early on that we were on to something.”


As their numbers grew, both Nicky and Pierre realized that they could be a couple “that reflected what our future could look like.”

“What excites us the most is when people see us simply as a couple, not necessarily a ‘gay couple,’” Nicky explained. “Living your truth and being your authentic self is one of the most valuable and respected assets you can have right now.”

With a couple as big as these two, of course, the worry of a possible breakup comes into play. But the boys work hard to ensure that doesn’t happen. Pierre told Forbes, “We prioritize us and make sure to always take time for ourselves and our relationship.”

Pierre and Nicky got married in August 2022, and announced their divorce in July 2023.

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