A skincare collaboration fans never saw coming! Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer teamed up for their very own brand, called Know Beauty.

“We both have just had such a journey with our skincare, and I think that’s one thing that we really, really bonded over,” Vanessa told WWD in June 2021. “We wanted to join forces and create something that made it easy for girls like us or guys or whoever to be given the answers that they’ve been looking for, and how to actually take care of their personal skin, because everyone’s skin is different.”

The former Disney Channel star and singer teamed up with Dr. Karen Kagha to create the brand after they bonded over their life-long skin issues.

“I remember meeting her and then seeing her a ton on Instagram and being like, ‘This girl is so beautiful. It’s ridiculous,’” Vanessa told the publication. “And then hearing from her how her skin has been a struggle, and how she’s been dealing with acne, and how it’s been really hard being in front of the cameras — I’ve been in front of the cameras for so long, so it kind of felt like, ‘Hey, I got you.’”

Madison, who is 10 years her business partner’s junior, told WWD that she’s “always been a fan” of Vanessa’s. “Once we broke that barrier and actually, like, talked, we started talking about a bunch of stuff, but skincare came up pretty quickly,” the internet star explained. “And it was clear that we both have gone through similar things, similar frustrations, and it led us here.”

In order to get a personalized skincare routine, Know Beauty offers users a quiz and DNA test, which was created by Dr. Kagha to “help people understand where their skin is right now, what they can do for their skin right now” and “what they’re prone to or what they can expect from their skin in the future.”

The products range from $20 to $30 and Madison told Bustle in June 2021 that she hopes the line will help those going through the same cystic acne as she did in the past. “In hindsight, [my acne] made me develop a better relationship with myself because it helped me take some of the pressure off of my exterior,” she told the site. “I was just kind of like, ‘OK, whatever, you have acne. It is what it is. It doesn’t define you. It’s all good.’”

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