Get ready, you guys, because we have the best news ever! It turns out, VidCon 2020 isn’t canceled after all! Yep, just months after it was announced that the event was no longer happening because the coronavirus pandemic, it has been revealed that they’re actually still going to have the convention after all — but it’s going to be virtual instead.

“We are excited to bring the power of VidCon to our three distinct audience-centric tracks across a variety of the world’s top digital platforms with VidCon Now,” General Manager Jim Louderback said in a statement. “VidCon has the unique opportunity during this time to bring our community of passionate fans, emerging creators, and industry professionals together for the same top tier programming you would expect from our IRL convention — delivered into the safety of everyone’s homes — for free. It also allows us to amplify and expand upon important conversations within the community thanks to participating execs, platforms and creators.”

For those of you that don’t know, VidCon is basically a giant convention every year, which gives creators an opportunity to connect with their fans. There’s live performances, panels, Q&As, creative workshops, interactive experiences, meet and greets and more! It also offers an opportunity to learn more about the ins-and-outs of online video production and how to grow your own YouTube channel and social media.

Creators that will be taking part in the virtual event include Brent Rivera, James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, Rebecca Black and more! It will go down on Saturday, June 20, with more content being uploaded throughout the weeks that follow. You can check out the full schedule and celebrity lineup here!

“With a focus on programming that is inclusive, diverse, insightful and fun, VidCon Now will aim to inform, entertain, and connect. Content will include virtual concerts, performances, panels, Q&As, meet & greets, networking opportunities and more interactive programming that celebrates the ever-expanding world of online video,” Jim continued. “Through a unique mix of top creators, emerging stars, industry leaders and insightful experts, the virtual experience will bring the best parts of the convention to its global fans on their devices.”

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