She’s all grown up! Grace VanderWaal initially captivated audiences with her mesmerizing performance on America’s Got Talent Season 11 in 2016. Fast forward, and she’s embarked on a musical evolution, bidding farewell to her iconic ukulele sound while also nabbing Hollywood roles left and right! Keep reading to see what she’s up to now.

How Did Grace VanderWaal Get Her Start?

Back in June 2016, Grace’s audition on AGT, featuring her original composition “I Don’t Know My Name,” wowed both judges and viewers alike, earning her the coveted Golden Buzzer and securing her a spot in the live rounds. Throughout the competition, she consistently dazzled audiences, ultimately winning first place on the competition.

Following her win, Grace inked a deal with Columbia Records, and released her debut EP Perfectly Imperfect in December 2016. Less than a year later, Grace dropped a full-length album in November 2017, titled Just the Beginning. When 2018 came around, the blonde beauty decided to start fresh despite having an entire EP in the works.

“I thought I finished a whole EP on tour,” she told USA Today in August 2018. “But I actually decided really recently that I hate all of my songs, so I’m starting over.”

Grace did end up releasing the EP, titled Letters Vol. 1, in November 2019 before deciding to dip her toe into the acting world. The budding actress appeared in the Disney+ adaption of Jerry Spinelli‘s novel Stargirl in March 2020, followed by its 2022 sequel Hollywood Stargirl.

What Is Grace VanderWaal Up to Now?

After staying somewhat off the grid for months amid the coronavirus pandemic, Grace made headlines in December 2020 after deciding to shave her head. With a new hairstyle, the singer-songwriter kicked off a new era of music in March 2021 with a song called “Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know.” She’s since released several other singles which are inspired by her love of punk music.

In May 2024, Grace starred and wrote music for Megalopolis, a film by Francis Ford Coppola, which premiered at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

“Grace VanderWaal is a multi-talented songwriter, musician, and actor whom I am so lucky to have worked with on the Megalopolis film,” the director shared in an Instagram post from December 2023, explaining how Grace’s casting took place.

“Years ago, I was fascinated by the OLED TV process. I researched how it was made and learned that only one company in Korea was able to do that process. In contact with them I met a wonderful gentleman, David VanderWaal, who over time became a family friend. He told me about his young daughter who was writing songs and gaining notice,” he wrote. “All these threads came together, eventually resulting in casting Grace to star in and write songs for MEGALOPOLIS.”

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