She’s not a kid anymore! Grace VanderWaal first stole fans’ hearts by winning America’s Got Talent season 11, and now, she’s traded in her signature ukulele for a new sound.

After auditioning for AGT in June 2016 with her own song “I Don’t Know My Name,” the then 12-year-old received the Judges’ Golden Buzzer and headed straight to the competition’s live shows. After weeks of stealing the show, Grace was announced the winner. That same year, she signed a contract with Columbia Records and her music career began.

In December 2016, the songstress released her debut EP Perfectly Imperfect. Less than a year later, Grace dropped a full-length album in November 2017, titled Just the Beginning. When 2018 came around, the blonde beauty decided to start fresh despite having an entire EP in the works.

“I thought I finished a whole EP on tour,” she told USA Today in August 2018. “But I actually decided really recently that I hate all of my songs, so I’m starting over.”

Grace did end up releasing the EP, titled Letters Vol. 1, in November 2019 before deciding to dip her toe into the acting world. The budding actress appeared in the Disney+ adaption of Jerry Spinelli‘s novel Stargirl, which hit the streaming service in March 2020.

After staying somewhat off the grid for months amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Grace made headlines once again in December 2020 after deciding to shave her head. With a new hairstyle, the singer-songwriter kicked off a new era of music in March 2021 with a song called “Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know.”

“Lately, I don’t know what’s going on in my brain or what happened to me, but all of a sudden, I like to make people uncomfortable, and I want people to ask themselves why they’re uncomfortable with whatever I’m doing,” she told NYLON in March 2021, noting that her musical inspiration now stems from a newfound love of punk music. “I want this whole project to just be about just completely unapologetic self-expression. If you’re uncomfortable, screw you. That’s your own s–t to work through.”

Aside from her music Grace has also decided to continue her acting career for a Stargirl sequel. As she’s gotten older, the former child star has come into herself. “Physically, I feel like I’m being more honest and myself than ever,” she told NYLON.

Scroll through our gallery to see Grace’s transformation over the years. 

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