In case you were wondering, Liam Payne is over the “who is he dating?” drama and totally isn’t afraid to set the record straight. Even though being a member of One Direction — you know, one of the biggest boy bands in recent music history — has brought tons of attention to the 25-year-old’s personal life over the years, he wants the world to know the truth: not every woman he’s seen hanging out with or even walking to next to is his girlfriend. In fact, he would like for everyone to treat these ladies with some much-needed respect.

So here’s what went down: the “Strip That Down” crooner took to Twitter to share some truth after seeing an article written about himself and his dating life. While Liam understands the public is going to have an interest in his love life and he’s always been very open about his past girlfriends, one thing he isn’t here for is the assumptions that women who work on his team are dating him. Just because he’s walking next to a girl doesn’t mean she’s his secret GF! In fact, they’re just total boss babes who are helping him out with his career.

“My team is full of talented, smart professional women. I find it wrong that they are reduced to being linked to me romantically in the press just for simply standing next to me. Isn’t it time we treat women with a bit more respect?” Liam tweeted. He then sent a follow-up message, “So far the press have done this with every female member of my staff it’s demeaning some are in relationships and it complicates there work environment when they do this to them … I think it stops here.”

Now that is some truth. It for sure can be a bit much to constantly be romantically linked to people, especially those you work with when you’re trying to just have a professional relationship and these people happen to be dating someone else. Can totally see where Liam is coming from! And if anyone knows Payno, he is always flaunting his love when he’s in happily in a relationship. After splitting from his longtime love Cheryl Cole who he shares a son with, he was spotted hanging out with model Cairo Dwek, but that brief fling seems to be dunzo as Liam appears to be riding solo these days. He’s focused on the music and being a dad, so plenty going on his life. Next time there’s chatter about who he may or may not be dating, let’s wait to hear about it from Liam himself.

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