Meet East High’s newest Wildcat, Olivia Rose Keegan! The actress made her debut as Lily during High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 2, and fans were blown away by her stunning vocals.

Although the actress made herself known as soon as her “scary” character stepped onto the screen, but Lily is definitely not the fan-favorite this season.

“She’s sweet and goofy and, obviously, good at heart, but is often overtaken by her competitive nature — her violently competitive nature,” Olivia told J-14 exclusively. “Lily is a human, and you can draw up and make as many layers to that as you want and I think, hopefully, through the season, people will see different twists and turns and different sides to her personality that show through.”

It was announced that the former soap opera star would be joining the HSMTMTS cast in March 2020. At the time, the streaming service described her character as “an energetic and adorable East High freshman whose sweetness masks her insecurity and highly competitive nature.” Olivia was joined by fellow new cast members Roman Banks and Andrew Barth Feldman, with whom she said she “immediately clicked” with.

“We had a lot of fun together and our schedules were sometimes pretty similar and when we go out there, we stay in the same hotel so it’s kind of like that college experience I always wanted but never had,” the actress explained, noting that she also had an amazing bond with Olivia Rodrigo.

“She was the first person who I got pretty close with and she’s just the most wonderful human I’ve met,” the Days of Our Lives alum gushed. “She is just such a beautiful person inside and out and so that really helped me become more comfortable around everyone, [and] just feel like it was my home.”


Olivia’s character may be the “mean girl” this season, but while filming, there was nothing but love between the entire cast — both new and old.

“Every single human in the cast and crew on High School Musical could not have been more warm and welcoming and personable and just so kind,” she also told J-14. “So truly, what you see on your screen when you watch the show and feel that warmth, I truly do believe that comes from the actual warmth that’s there on set and off set. It’s an incredible place to be.”

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