Will there be more to come from Netflix’s Hype House reality series? Alex Warren and Jack Wright sure do hope so! The members of the TikTok collective spoke with J-14 exclusively about a possible season 2 and what’s next for their careers.

“I genuinely love the Netflix series because it gives an element to people that, ‘Hey, you know, we’re not fake,'” Alex, 21, explained to J-14 while promoting his new podcast, “Locked In With Alex Warren.” When it comes to the idea of a second season, the content creator shared that he’s “always down to do stuff.”

Alex added, “I think it just comes down to if it aligns with the timing and everything, just with music and podcasts and hopefully, if they were to do a season 2, I would probably say yes. It would just align with what I’m doing.”

However, both creators explained that they’ve yet to hear anything about a second season.

“I’m definitely open to anything. I haven’t heard anything yet,” Jack, for his part, shared while promoting his partnership with the Squads app. The 19-year-old internet star is known as the Hype House’s youngest member, but he doesn’t feel any different from his fellow members.

“I feel like L.A. makes you grow up a lot — like grow up fast,” he explained. “So, I feel like I’m kind of on the same wavelength as everyone else.”

While Jack told J-14 that his life hasn’t “changed too much” since Hype House premiered, Alex said things for him have “changed tremendously,” especially when it comes to people seeing a side of his relationship that they never have before.

“A lot of my content is centered around me and my girlfriend [Kouvr Annon],” Alex explained, noting that their relationship was portrayed as “real” on Hype House. “A lot of times, I post the good. I never post the bad … for obvious reasons. But when you get to see an argument or a fight, or [something] where I’m so obviously wrong … it’s like, ‘I would never expect them to fight.’ It’s like, that’s a real relationship.”

Alex and Kouvr have since left the Hype House, but they “didn’t leave off bad terms.” The couple decided to move out in order to do things for themselves — including his podcast, which is set to give creators a platform where “they can share how they feel.”

“We were [there] from the beginning of it all the way to the Netflix show, and that’s something beautiful,” Alex said about his time in the TikTok squad. “But at the same time, it’s the year for me and Kouvr to finally do some things for ourselves.”

Jack, however, is still living in the Hype House and is “good friends” with all the members. Aside from his internet content, Jack created his platform on the Squads app to “get closer with my fans and show them an exclusive content that they would normally not be able to see on my regular accounts.”

The content creator added, “I always want to find a new way to interact and talk to my supporters and my friends and become more like a family. Squads, I feel like it is that perfect app to bring us all together. I’m really excited.”

Season 1 of Hype House is now streaming via Netflix.

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