YouTube fans are throwing major shade at Chris Klemens. After he uploaded his most recent video, subscribers claimed that Chris stole the video idea from fan-favorite YouTuber Jenna Marbles and tried to pass it off as something he came up with on his own. After he received a slew of hate comments, Chris set the record straight and said he “never will intentionally” rip off someone else’s video ideas.

The drama started on Sunday, February 23, when Chris uploaded a video called “I Gave Myself Acrylic Toenails.” The 26-year-old vlogger told viewers that he believed that he was the first person on YouTube to post this video.

“I have never seen anybody do this, so if they have, I’m not trying to steal ideas here. I’m just trying to have fun,” he said.

Some fans quickly slammed the YouTuber in the comments section and said he wasn’t the first person to put acrylics on his toes. Viewers said that Jenna had made the same video in 2017. Others noted that another YouTube star, Drew Phillips, posted a similar video just days before Chris.

“So Chris doesn’t watch Jenna Marbles. Got it,” one comment read. Another said, “Feels shady.”

After the video’s comments section became flooded with accusations that Chris “stole” the video idea, he took to Twitter and responded. He assured fans that he did not copy the video idea.

“I don’t give a f**k what anyone says about me or comments EXCEPT when it’s about the kind of person I am. I try really hard to be a good person/friend/leader/etc. and take it seriously and I just fixate and spiral when I read just a few comments even,” he wrote. “I didn’t know that two people I greatly respect (Drew Phillips and Jenna Marbles) have made videos before doing this exact thing.”

He also explained that he never saw Jenna’s video and had already filmed his version before Drew’s went live on the site.

YouTuber Chris Klemens Responds To Claims He Stole A Video Idea From Jenna Marbles

Chris also got real about how the backlash from his video has affected him.

“It feels like you can’t win on the internet and, to be honest, I live in fear of the internet. I have nothing to hide at all, but it’s scary how comfortable people are saying whatever they want. I just wish we didn’t all jump to the worst possible conclusions,” he said.

Neither Drew nor Jenna has responded to Chris’ video or his statement.

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